Monday, April 11, 2011

Taib ridicules Lim's RM1b lie

MIRI: Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud yesterday rejected claims by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng that RM1 billion would be enough to develop the state.

Taib, who has been chief minister since 1981, said DAP had no experience dealing with rural areas.

"He would not know how to manage a state like Sarawak," Taib said on the claims by the Penang chief minister at a ceramah here on Friday.

Taib was speaking to the media after launching a Native Customary Rights (NCR) land project of Selepin-Bok, Bakong, a town located a 90-minute drive from here.

He said the Penang government did not have to deal with large tracts of land and that was why Lim believed that RM1 billion was enough to develop Sarawak.

Citing Samarahan as an example, Tab said the division had experienced fast growth within a short span of time following development efforts by the state government.

"If the state has been worse than before, don't vote for us. But if it is better than before, you must keep what is good."

Lim had said during the ceramah that he would be able to develop the whole of Sarawak with just RM1 billion.

Taib alluded to government efforts in developing the state, including the development of large tracts of idle land into oil palm plantations through joint ventures.

"If the land is not developed, even if you own it, it does not bring you any benefit.

"The young people nowadays prefer to work in towns rather than become farmers. You can pass your land to your children but the land will bring little or no benefits," said Taib.

On the Selepin-Bok oil palm project, he said 31,000ha of NCR land would be developed into an oil palm plantation.

"It is big enough to support four palm oil mills."

He also asked the Chinese voters to give him time to solve the issues that have been bothering them.

"I will solve the issues provided they (the Chinese) give me time," Taib said.

The opposition has been going around saying that the Barisan Nasional state government was not addressing the problems faced by the Chinese community.

They include;

- Allocation for Chinese primary schools and Chinese independent schools;

- Representation of Chinese in the state government;

- Refund of land premium;

- Business opportunities and scholarship issues; and,

- Difficulties for Chinese students to enter public institutions of higher learning.

The Sarawak United People's Progressive (SUPP) party, too, has been urging the government to address these issues.

On the campaigning by BN in predominantly Chinese areas, Taib said he would leave it to SUPP.

"They will do what is required of them," said Taib.

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