Monday, February 28, 2011

BN and PAS candidates go all out to woo voters in Merlimau

BN and PAS candidates go all out to woo voters in Merlimau

JASIN: On the campaign trail, the local folk in Merlimau call him Ron.

“You know, I’m a local boy. When they see me, they would greet me by my nickname,” said an upbeat Roslan Ahmad.

The Barisan Nasional candidate said he does not feel tired while campaigning.

“I am enjoying it. Furthermore, my wife (Zalifah Omar) is with me and she keeps talking so that I will not feel exhausted,” the father of four added. Roslan, 44, said he tried to attend every event arranged by the people to make sure he meets all the voters before polling day.

“InsyaAllah, I will be able to move around with little rest until the polling day. It’s important that I have a chance to personally meet the electorate. I don’t feel tired when I see them,” he said.

The Jasin Umno division member and his challenger, Malacca PAS Youth deputy chief Yuhaizad Abdullah, 38, are both taking a personal approach to woo the more than 10,600 voters.

Yesterday, Roslan and Yuhaizad started their rounds at about 5am to catch as many voters as they could during the weekend.

They covered many areas, including their respective operations centres.

Yuhaizad, too, has not given in to fatigue and was also confident of support, saying: “I am not tired and will go all out to ensure the voters make changes.

“They (the voters) are in my heart. I know most them and they are supportive of me,” he said, adding that their backing reduced the fatigue although he had to cover more areas during the campaign period.

The Merlimau by-election follows the death of Barisan’s incumbent assemblyman Datuk Mohd Hidhir Abu Hasan from a heart attack on Jan 20.

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