Monday, June 6, 2011

Door always open to Pas, says Muhyiddin

Door always open to Pas, says Muhyiddin

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KUALA LUMPUR: Umno will keep its door open for unity talks with Pas despite recent developments in the party.

Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said their intentions were sincere for the benefit of the Muslims.

"We just want to unite Muslims and we have no political motives. As such, Umno will never close our door on such talks."

Muhyiddin said Pas was choosy as it only wanted things that benefited it but Umno had been constantly fighting for Islam, hence the unity plan.

"In this matter, we must not be driven by ideology or politics, rather, it should be the demands of the religion.

"But Pas has strayed from its struggle and no longer fights for an Islamic nation. It's now fixed on a welfare state, which we (Umno) have been practising for a long time now.

"Their thinking is 30 to 40 years backwards," said Muhyiddin after opening an Islamic symposium at Pusat Islam here yesterday, as part of his walkabout in the city.

The deputy prime minister said he was not perturbed by the developments in Pas as he would continue such efforts with anyone or any organisation that was in line with Umno's wishes.

"We don't depend on Pas alone. If Pas says no, it is okay. There are many others out there."

Meanwhile, asked on Mohamad Sabu's victory as the new Pas deputy president, Muhyiddin said it was something normal.

"Who are we to say anything about it as it is their decision," Muhyiidin said after visiting the new Dang Wangi police headquarters.

Muhyiddin said he was more concerned about developments in Barisan Nasional especially on its preparations, approach and transformation.

"I don't care what Pas does. I am more concerned about our members and the government. This is more important."

On the motion during the Pas muktamar condemning BN and Umno over the emergence of a sex video involving a prominent opposition leader, Muhyiddin said Pas should instead try to get to the bottom of the issue like its origin.

He said this should be important for Pas as opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had been named.

"Is it true or not? They should look for the truth but are not doing it.

"I am waiting to see if the motion triggers the grassroots to find out the truth."

He also asked why Pas was blaming BN when it had denied any involvement in it.

"We have denied involvement much earlier. Its not our way of doing things."

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