Monday, August 13, 2012

Money can buy everything..

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, like Osama Bin Ladin....a terrorist master mind, with money!

Call it by any other name, he is still an active terrorist!
An ex- terrorist!
George Habash of the PLFP. Another ex-terrorist..

When Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was head of the Umno Youth Wing he, and about half a dozen youth members, went to Libya to do some guerrilla warfare training in the desert.
I was informed the youth wings under his command were trained by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP), at that time were so actively involved fighting the state of Israel.
It was not known what was the real reason why handpicked members of the Umno Youth wing had to underwent such training.
Funny thing is not even our so-called security agencies, including the Reasearch Department if the Prime Minister's Department, MEIO, aware of such adventure or simply couldn't careless.
Way before the 9/11, Anwar and few prominent Malaysian personality went to Burma to meet Osama Ben Laden, why we do not know.
When I was reporting for Time Magazine then, I sent a note to Hong Kong asking whether the bureau was interested about Osama meeting Malaysians in Rangoon, but the answer was negative. Then life goes on as usual.
The the US was attacked and lo and behold the name Osama became a household word now.
Never mind about Osama he is now dead and buried 20,000 league under the sea.
I am now digging all that old memory especially on this one: Why Anwar took guerrilla warfare training in Libya and why he met with Osama and what was the connection.
Is the CIA aware of this? What was Anwar's role in that meeting with a known dangerous terrorist. Can anyone fill in the blanks for me please!
I can see what is happening in Malaysia is like a major sabotage of the system which is on-going, and what is our own intelligence and security agencies are doing about nipping all of what appear to be a random act of crime that is taking place right now at the bud, as it now the public is living under siege and in fear!

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