Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MUST READ : Who Is The Real Culprit In DAP? Everyone!

By:  Terrence Fernandez 

If little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, DAP is made of racism and gangterism and everything corrupt.   

DAP, a biological son of PAP, is a party formed out of racism and hatred.  The party now can no longer hold back the demon inside them.   The demon has been waiting for far too long to emerge and do some real damage.  The winning of Pakatan Rakyat in a few states seemed to be a signal for it to come out.
And so, after the winning, dark cloud started to form around Selangor and Penang.  Perak, the state in between, gets cloudy at times too. 

In Selangor, the demon came in the form of a mobster.  This mob then transformed itself into a state Exco who is said to own, or rather protects hundreds of ‘massage’ parlours all over Selangor.  Bookies, loan sharks and sand robbers are also said to be protected by him. 

Because of him, Selangor today, is in deep crisis.  Barely two years old, the Pakatan Rakyat is already losing control of the state.  Only in Selangor, the underworld is no longer an ‘under’-world.  Illegal dealings are being done out in the open, without a care to the world.

Today, the news headlines read, Tee Boon Hock, a Klang Municipal Councillor is accused to have misused the letterheads and an official seal of Ronnie Liu, A Selangor State Exco to secure contracts for his families and cronies.  The contracts are worth more than RM1 million. 

Tee Boon Hock, however denied the allegations and stated that he only acted upon Liu’s instruction.  
Tee Boon Hock was then sacked from the party by the DAP disciplinary committee.   The sacking was received as a surprised by the public as everybody is almost sure that Ronnie Liu is the culprit. 

Unable to hold back the surprised, Teng Chang Kim the state assembly speaker had tweeted ‘the real culprit freed!’ which then resulted in him being hauled to appear before the disciplinary committee. 

Wherever the case is going, the disciplinary committee or the MACC is the least of these peoples’ concern when they got themselves entangled in DAP’s corruption.  We just hope that none of them ended up like Teoh Beng Hock. 
Those who refuse to believe everything reported by the prime media will remain ignorance of the reality of gangsterism in DAP.  But those who had been threatened by them should have learned the lesson well. 

The residents around Dengkil, where the illegal sand-mining is still ongoing, have also received some ‘good’ words believed to be from the representative of the mob turned Exco member.

The mob’s operation is often very similar to those we see in Hong Kong or Hollywood movies.  They splash paints, send threatening notes, blackmails and murder.   The only difference is, in the movies, the mob usually owns the politician and never the politician himself is a gangster. 

While DAP mobsters rule Selangor, Penang on the other hand, is being ruled by hard-core racist DAP. 
Penang DAP is said to be actively considering going for autonomy.  In the meantime, DAP is systematically pushing and squeezing the Malays out of Penang by demolishing Malay villages, building up higher and higher costs houses and rezoning election borders. 

Nanyang University will also be built in Penang in order to increase the number of Chinese ethnic in the state. 
Guan Eng frequent visits to Singapore 4-6 times in a month confirms that this autonomy for Penang may not be a joke at all. Obviously, Guan Eng is trying to relive history of Lee Kuan Yew. 

DAP has never thought of themselves as belong to Malaysia.  Their loyalty is to PAP or Singapore.  Patriotism towards this country never existed in their hearts – a fact that is difficult for some to believe.  

It is clear that the demon in DAP is now roaming around freely.  It is everywhere breaking the country apart by spreading hatred and protecting criminals. 

If you look at things from another angle, you wouldn’t have to crack your head to find the real culprit.  Because in DAP, everyone is a culprit!  

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