Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reject DAP to show that Chinese are not chauvinists

Reject DAP to show that Chinese are not chauvinists

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By:  Susan Lim
DAP seems to not mind playing with fire.    With the encouraging result they received in Sarawak’s election, the party seems more and more determine to continue the same game of promoting racism. 
DAP’s chauvinisms were clearly displayed in Sarawak when they arrogantly call for the Chinese to consider race factor when throwing their votes.   They attacked other races and played on sensitive religious issues without the slightest concern that they might hurt the feelings of fellow citizens. 
DAP insulted Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud for being a Melanau, which reflect the real feelings of DAP towards all other Bumiputras including Malays, especially.    Pehin Sri Taib has promised to step down, and the Sarawakians believe him because there is never any doubt over BN’s culture of a smooth transition of power.  With that, there is really no need for DAP to insult anybody, any race or tribes while campaigning. 
The arrogance of DAP is overwhelming whereby they tried to convince the Chinese that they don’t need the government.  They believe that they can strive higher without having anything to do with the government.  The irony is, they insist to be heard by the government and that all their demands and needs be fulfilled.  
In the end, DAP managed to raise even more suspicion towards the Chinese and isolate them further from other races.  
However, not all the Chinese were  dragged into the dangerous game played by DAP.   This is statistically proven with 38% of the Chinese especially in rural and remote areas of Sarawak chose to reject DAP and voted for BN.   
The Chinese in the rural and remote areas found that DAP’s call to reject BN’s development campaign is irrelevant.   DAP failed to see that the issues of development and infrastructure including basic infrastructure such as water and electricity are still very much relevant to the people in these areas. 
Obviously DAP has no concern over the rural folks whom they assumed to be non-Chinese.   
DAP was only thinking about the Chinese who makes up the majority of the people in the urban areas who already have almost everything that they might need in terms of development and infrastructure. 
This only re-affirmed the fact that, DAP is a racist party and it will always be that way.  With that in mind, Malaysiansshould ask ourselves these questions:
How could a racist party be fair and just when all they could think of is the Chinese and the already wealthy Chinese who want to be wealthier? 
What would happen to the people in the rural and remote areas should DAP become the government of Malaysia?  
How could DAP claim to fight for unity when they strongly insist to be separated and isolate themselves from others? 
How could Malaysia be a better place under DAP if racial tensions keep rising? 
Will there be peace in the country if everybody keeps targeting and blaming and pointing fingers to each other as a result of DAP’s racist leadership?
How can the Chinese continue to prosper should they continue to be under suspicion by other races for being chauvinists or racists?  
Bottomline is, the Chinese need to prove to us that they are not chauvinists or racists like what DAP is making us believe.   And the Chinese can only do that by rejecting DAP in the next election

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