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You folks may be wondering why I keep visiting the old issues about this Tokoh L*w@t Negara fellow. The  Stat. Dec. by Murad Khalid,  are among the reasons why.

The problem was in 1998, when all this crap came to the surface (and shocked everyone including me - I have shaken the guys hand, I had to wash it with Dettol, tak tahu dia pi seluk eksos bas sekolah mana satu)  as usual the Gomen boys did not handle it well at all. 

There were no Blogs then. Kalau lah ada Blog masa tu, this guy would never have made it past the prophylactics counter at the 7-11.

The Gomen boys did not close the file on this case firmly.  Fail 1998  tidak di tutup dengan teguh.  That is why 14 years later in 2012 this joker is still performing clown acts  and getting away with it.

(There is also a clever theory that allowing Anwar Ibrahim to remain in the public sphere has prevented the rise of more credible leaders in PAS, PKR and even DAP. People like Hanipah Mydin and Salahudin Ayub of PAS may have had a different career path if there were no Anwar Ibrahim standing in the way. Well, who knows for sure?)

It was not enough to have him found guilty in the Courts post 1998. Why? Because Anwar Ibrahim was not the real problem. Repeat : the real problem in this country is not Anwar Ibrahim.

The real problem in this country are the type of simple, gullible and foolish people who can be conned so easily into believing him. These people are the real problem in this country - the   gullibles (les credule).  

In countries like India, Anwar Ibrahim would have been buried and forgotten long before Christmas of 1998.  But not in Malaysia.  Unfortunately in our country the gullibles are so confused they can deny their own common sense.   

This does not mean that you must support the BN or Dr Mahathir or PM Najib. Not at all. This is a free country. This is a democracy. You support whoever you want. But how can there be people who would want to continue supporting this chameleon, dunggu and raving idiot? He is not even properly educated.  But there are thousands who do support him. That is the real problem with the politics in this country.  

(Of course there are also those dishonest hypocrites and racists who will support him no matter at what cost - as long as he can help them achieve their racist political ambitions. There are also snakes like The Economist who woke up one day and found out "he is a chameleon". Macam lah Mat Salleh bodoh tak faham apa benda pun?)

Anyway, the following Statutory Declaration by Abdul Murad Khalid, former Deputy Governor of Bank Negara and one of Anwar Ibrahim's jambu boys is taken from Mesin Taip Buruk Blog

(At that time I was in Maybank and we used to hear that Murad was Anwar Ibrahim's jambu boy).  Honest to God folks, at that time I had no idea why anyone would want to call him that.   You better read what Murad himself says about Anwar Ibrahim.

The full Stat. Dec. is at Mesin Taip's  Blog. Here are excerpts and my comments.

I, Dato’ Abdul Murad Bin Khalid (NRIC No. 531215-08-5957), a Malaysian citizen of full age and care of No. 104, Jalan Setiabakti 9, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, do hereby solemnly and sincerely declare as follows:-

1. On 16th September 1999 I was charged with failing to disclose truthfully information on Ben Harta Sdn Bhd (BHSB) shares and 51 of its properties allegedly held for my benefit pursuant to section 87(2)(c) Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989 (BAFIA).

My comments :  Murad has never filed another Stat. Dec. to say that he was forced or coerced to make this Stat. Dec. - which was the allegation later.  So it still stands.   But even if Murad wants to retract his Stat. Dec. what will he say?  "I did disclose truthfully information on bla bla bla and properties held by me bla bla bla.."  Pun tak ada bro.

3. As one of the top executives in BNM, I invariably came into contact with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who took a liking for me – and subsequently entrusted me to carry out some of his instructions

My comment : Oh oh.  "I invariably came into contact with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who took a liking for me .."  On hindsight,  you dont want to make statements like this in public. 


  • A male Chinese named Tong Kooi Ong, is also involved significantly in raising, financial assistance for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. 
  • Tong Kooi Ong is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Phileo Allied Berhad. . .
  • Tong Kooi Ong came into contact with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on mv introduction and they subsequently became very close. 
  • Tong Kooi Ong subsequently disclosed to me that in return -for the favours granted to him by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, he had established a “Master Account” -under his control. 
  • From which financial contributions could be made for the interests of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. 
  • At one point Tong Kooi Ong confided in me that the Master Account was worth RM200 million based on the values of shares and building assigned to it.

6. I believe there are at least 20 other “Master Accounts” established for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim by his various cronies. I believe that the total funds in these 20 Master Accounts run into more that RM3 billion. 

7. For example it is within my personal knowledge that on the instructions of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim funds from the Master Account was paid to himself and the following persons and organisations known to be affiliated or connected to him between 1992 to 1997:-
  • Asia Pacific Policy Centre (APPC) – RM 38 million 
  • Douglas H. Paal – (USD 10.0 Million)
  • Institut Kajian Dasar – (IKD)RM5 Million
  • ABIM – RM 5 Million 

8. I am also informed that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim instructed Tong Kooi Ong to take into his employ Puan Shamsidar 

.. Puan Shamsidar is generously remunerated and is provided with a car and driver and most of the time she did not need to go to work.

My comment :  Here I would like to correct Murad's Stat Dec. She did work. 

9. I must make a special mention of the American based Organisation called Asia Pacific Policy Centre (APPC) headed by Douglas H. Paal, the former Senior Director from Asian Affairs (1989 to 1993) of the National Security Council (NSC) of the United States of America. 

Douglas H. Paal left the NSC to start APPC in 1993 funded mainly by contributions from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. I was responsible for arranging USD IO Million in contributions to APPC and Douglas. H. Paal on Datuk Seri Anwar’s instructions. 

12. I was also directed by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, then already appointed as the Finance Minister, to assist the following persons to clear their debts as described below:-

My comments : So were the debts of these people cleared or not? If they were cleared, then can Murad still say he was forced to make the Stat. Dec. ?  You can see the full list of these people at Mesin Taip Buruk. I know of some of these people whose debts were cleared.  

14. I am not aware of .. the locations of the 51 properties .. except one (1) apartment and one (1) bungalow which I was entrusted to maintain for purpose of investment and to be later sold for the Master Account.

My comments : So Murad says he was entrusted to maintain one bungalow and one apartment.  So if Murad were to retract this Stat. Dec. does that mean this bungalow and apartment also did not exist?  Mesti ada records, title to the property, electricity bills, cukai pintu bills etc.

Signed by the above named

at Kuala Lumpur, the day of 26 Oct 1999.

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